3 Secrets for Happy Travels With Children

Nothing spells summer like a road trip with the scent of dirty diapers wafting through the air. Or perhaps the summer breeze finds you in the clouds struggling to help a toddler petrified of the noise the airplane flusher makes, and so refuses to go at all.

Well, mommas and poopas–I mean papas–we’ve got you covered. That’s because this week kidü is exploring how to travel with kids and stay sane. Years ago, after traveling by plane, train and automobile with my little one, I finally learned to bring these three things:

  1. A Change of Clothes: For me! (And the kiddo, too, of course.)
  2. Pipe cleaners: Never underestimate the ability of pipe cleaners to entertain toddlers and preschoolers. The pointy ends do require parental supervision with tots. For babies, try a sock puppet which you can make on the fly. (No pun intended.)
  3. Earplugs: This is the peace offering you provide for all the cranky people giving you the evil eye from the airplane or train seats nearby. They will smile with gratitude. You might plug your own ears, too, but just be sure some adult traveling with you is alert to the sounds of children in need.

Are you about to travel with a toddler who is not yet a toilet connoisseur? kidü’s got great suggestions to help prepare your sweet pea (again, no pun). Check out the course  called “Get the Peepee in the Potty” available for free on our app.

Now that I’ve told you mine, it’s time for you to tell yours! What are the very best tips for traveling with children that you know?


Shana Burg