How to Travel Safely with Precious Treasure

You’ve probably heard the statistics that most children’s car seats are not used the right way, and therefore, are not offering your child the security you desperately desire.

Is there such thing as a carseatologist who can help? Well, there kind of is. It’s called a Child Car Seat Inspector. When my son was a toddler, our local fire station had one of these. Your area’s fire or police station might also, or will be able to suggest the place in your area that has a Child Car Seat Inspector. Or you can check here.

As you know, kidü curates the best-of-the-best parenting advice from around the web, and when it comes to seat safety and kids, we love The Car Seat Lady She is all over this and has excellent guidance to help you figure out what kind of seat you’ll need depending on the age, height and weight of your child.

But there’s more to traveling than just car seats. What if you’re flying this summer? Have you heard about the kind of stroller that folds up into an airplane seat? Yes! Imagine the possibility of going through airport security with just one massive, clunky piece of equipment per child instead of two. No doubt you’re already getting a calm sensation, like you’re walking on the beach listening to the lapping ocean waves.

The problem is that these convertible seats cost a fortune, so maybe you can go in with a whole group of moms and dads. Whoever is traveling gets dibs.

Before we let you go, just one more important point: If you’re traveling by plane, you may be counting on carrying your infant as a lap child. After all, maybe it’s a short flight and who wants to pay for an extra ticket? However, if you run into unexpected turbulence or delays, you might be praying you’d shelled out the extra bucks to keep you and your baby comfortable, safe and sane. The American Academy of Pediatrics has this to say:

Although the Federal Aviation Administration permits children under age 2 to ride on an adult’s lap on an airplane, they are best protected by riding in an age- and size-appropriate restraint.

So buckle up, stay safe, and have an amazing journey!

Shana Burg