Never Again Forget Your Kid’s Toothbrush When You Travel

Okay, so a vacation is supposed to relax you, right? Well, if you’re already exhausted and you haven’t even left the house, you’re not alone. Packing for travel with babies and older children has caused many a parent to dive under the bedsheets. Cue the fantasy about getting shipwrecked on a white-sand island.

The good news is that we’ve scoured the internet for the best help out there. And we found it! The Best Baby Packing List will ensure you don’t forget baby’s favorite rattle or diaper cream.

Guess what else? A child as young as three years old can “help” you pack. Yes, I did put quotations around the word help for a reason. But think, you’ve got what we call a teachable moment staring you in the face: an opportunity to teach your child organizational skills!

Before you roll your eyeballs up in your skull, think again. Yes, now I’ve asked you to think twice in a row, which I realize is a tall order for a sleep-starved mama or papa, but work with me here and answer this question: How will you feel when your child is six years old and using this very cool graphic packing list to pack up all by herself?

Travel Mamas offers a whole bunch of super, printable packing lists that you’ll love so much, you’ll be blowing them kisses across the internet.

There you go!

Shana Burg